Fan letter – Exhausted brain

Today was an exhausting day for my brain. I had two long and complicated meetings which required all my attention and big decisions. The first was a big brainstorming session, so it was tiring but fun.

The second one was soooo complicated, so confusing… it was about another project I’m coordinating for the US office. This meeting came because of a critical issue required immediate attention, so they interrupted my lunch time 😥  

So tonight I don’t want to think, I don’t want to make more decisions… This is one of those nights where I just want to feel, to flow and to be carried as a leaf in the water while watching the night sky and listening the soft sound of the surroundings…

Have I told you I love the nights in the woods?

Anyway, tonight I have this picture, it is a very old door in a house near to the office. 

 I love that kind of objects with their own story. I like to think about their lives and the lives of all the people they have been in touch with. Isn’t it fascinating? 🙂

Good night my dearest one, tonight I just want to send you a hug.


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