Tomorrow will be a purple monday

Another super short weekend is almost over…

I love my job and I’m always learning a lot of new stuff, but I also love to do so many other things. Yesterday I was able to practice drawing while laundry was done and today I spent a happy family time.

Tomorrow I’ll walk to office. These long walks are usually so refreshing! I use them to think, to meditate, to enjoy landscape and to excercise.  These days my path is full of Jacarandas, those beautiful big trees full of purple little flowers.

My days at office are always hardwork, analysis and decisions to make. These days I’m learning a lot about financial topics. Not so enjoyable, but totally usefull knowledge!

This week I enjoyed so much all kind of photos and videos from my korean family…

아터s great dance performace, 두둥s new bracelets, 블랑제s korean lesson, 교수s video about the mountain ceremony and 핑크s and 라비엘s daily life photos. Thank you for shorten distance 🙂

I know it is cherry blossom season at Korea and I’m wondering how are you all living it…  will you show me?  🙂



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